Stepping Into Your Greatness

Good Morning Fam!!!

Sundays are a day of worship for some, a day off for most, and a work day for a few. LOL! I personally, worship and work on Sundays, which includes an early church service, followed by late morning skills session with 10-30 kids, then I head to Fairfax to coach my Woodbridge Varsity Girls In Fall league action. The work of the Greats never stops, especially when you decide to take that Euro Step into your gifts!

I attend Park Valley church, with Pastor Barry White. A man that has a witty, sarcastic, dry humor and down to earth way of making the word make sense to a person like me. He always makes incredible statements, however, one held true as I moved throughout the day. In Sunday’s service, Pastor Barry stated, that “when you choose to walk with God, to walk in your Greatness, there will now be a target on your back!”

A statement that holds true to all of us. Once you take that step, the devil will work overtime to knock you off of your commitment. In the form of negative self talk, opposition, distractions, the gameplan to stop you from reaching greatness will be strategic and well thought out. Now this is not a sermon from me or an attempt to sway anyone that I or anyone else is holier than though. This is simply a message to my girls, to family, to my friends, colleagues, my young brothers and sisters, that “once we commit to our greatness, our Faith in the process is what will ultimately prevail.”

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