Are They Good Enough?

Bryon Allen

He/She really IS NOT that good of a player!!!

Is a statement that is made often, by many opinionated spectators, coaches, etc., on current basketball players. We can hear this blurted out during 5-6 year old Boys & Girl’s club games, up to our local high school competition and it’s showing know signs of slowing down.

High School/AAU coaches are encouraged to ‘keep it real’ with aspiring athletes as to where a kid fits, or what level they are able to compete. But this too, is an opinion, and not the ‘end all be all’ for a kid’s future.

Sport, like academics, dance, business, instruments, requires some natural talent, but more importantly, invested time and proper guidance helps shape a positive or negative direction for our kids.

When evaluating talent, I personally believe(my opinion) that you must not only evaluate the NOW, but have a visual of the future prospect’s manifested potential.

When the question is asked, “ARE THEY GOOD ENOUGH,” my opinion is, YES!!!!

We have seen players, play minimally on high school teams, and ultimately being the player that lands on a college roster, while also seeing players that receive all of the LOVE during high school careers, never pan out collegiately. You just never know what’s going to happen.

To earn a spot on a Varsity team, puts you in ELITE company. 12 spots. You are now 1 college program liking you ‘away’ from moving on to the next level.

When you earn a college Atheltic scholarship, and God willing, have a healthy career, you are 1 agent away from playing Professionally.

I’m simply saying, that we SHOULD NOT set limitations on these kids with our own high standards. We have plenty of adult years to experience REAL LIFE & Reality! But instead, Collectively, WE show them the way. Encourage them to DREAM BIG!!!

Visualize it!! See yourself wearing a ‘DUKE’ uniform at Cameron Indoor or a Milwaukee Buck’s uniform playing in the Celtics arena. Then let’s get to work pursuing the Dream!


Darius Wilson

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